Sunset 27 March 2017: A ship is stealing a sunbeam

27 March 2017

Sunset at: 7h18m58s p.m        Azimuth: 274°06′ W *
Sunset at:7h21m23s p.m        Azimuth: 274°27′ W  (with refraction)*

The Sunset data take into account the depression of the horizon.
*All data provided by the opensource software “Cartes du Ciel”. The Sun is always below the horizon. Refraction data calculated from weather data (see below).
As you scroll the images, you can read (as provided by my Canon’s Exif data) the exact time when the Sun touches the horizon and the time of the last ray and of the last shot.

Location: Gatto Corvino village ( Marina di Ragusa (Rg) Sicily – Ita )

Elevation: 178 mt

Observation: A ship is stealing a sunbeam; Mock Mirage, Omega Sun, Green Flash

“In that one, you have a good sequence of images of a red flash at the
lower limb. Then, although there is an inversion, there is also an
inferior mirage at the sea horizon. Notice how thin this line is; the
“feet” of the Omega are very thin, because of the considerable height of
the camera above the sea. (In the close-up of the ship, you can see the
inferior mirage in the image of the ship’s hull.) I have a discussion
of the effect of eye height on the Omega shape at this link “ Andrew T. Young


Weather data: weather data kindly provided by Protezione Civile – Porto di Marina di Ragusa (Rg) – Italy, as follows: