February 2015

Luna Cinerea & Mount Pelmo, 20/2/15

Borca di Cadore (Bl) 20/2/2015. Just after sunset the conjuntion of Venus, Mars and the thin crescent Moon started to show. During this Moon’s phase you can see both sides of the Moon: the illuminate side (Crescent Moon) radiate derectly from the Sun, and the dark side (Luna Cinerea) that receive just the sunlight reflected by the Earth. The left extremity of the Crescent Moon, seems to discontinue and to end with a spot of light just above it. This is due to the uneven surface of the Moon. In this sequence the Moon continues its path through the ridges of Mount Pelmo (Belluno, Italy) for sono disappearing behind them. […]

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Green and Blue Flash-Omega Sun-Sunspot-Mirage

“Mi piace immaginare che questo tramonto abbia donato ai miei occhi e al mio obiettivo buona parte del suo repertorio affinché lo possa mettere a disposizione di chi lo sappia apprezzare e sappia stupirsi e possa essere un richiamo per tutti ad assistere ai suoi prossimi spettacoli.” Marcella Giulia Pace  

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