An hour before sunset, when the Sun was + 6 ° above the horizon, I shot the AR2822 sunspot with the astrosolar filter. Then, I waited for sunset.
I was myself at an altitude of 178 meters above sea level, the Sun was setting on the marine horizon and the closer it got to the horizon, the more its intensity of light diminished. I no longer needed the astrosolar filter to take it back, the atmosphere was the natural filter.
Spring is an excellent season for thermal inversions and that afternoon the Sun plunged into a conduit, the same one that generates the higher Mirages. It began to compress and take on unusual shapes as is usually the case with the Mock Mirage.
in the comparison image we can see how the refraction flattens the sun by compressing it in its vertical diameter instead the horizontal diameter remains unchanged.
The sunspot AR2822 also participates in the mirage and deformation and in the last image the multitude of reflections transforms the sunspot into a vertical line.


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