mock mirage

Sunset 2 May 2017

2 May 2017   Location: Gatto Corvino village ( Marina di Ragusa (Rg) Sicily – Ita ) Elevation: 178 mt Observation: Mock Mirage and quadruple Green Segment Meteo data: Temperature: 65,3°F/18,5°C Pressure: 1017 mbar Humidity: 55%    

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Sunset 30 April 2017

30 April 2017 Sunset at: 7h48m43s p.m        Azimuth: 289°23′ WNW * Sunset at:7h51m15s p.m        Azimuth: 289°46′ WNW  (with refraction)* The Sunset data take into account the depression of the horizon. *All data provided by the opensource software “Cartes du Ciel”. The Sun is always below the horizon. Refraction data […]

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