Sunsets from the winter solstice to the summer solstice in Sicily

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Independently of where you are on the Earth, the Sun will always rise exactly East and set exactly West on two days only: March 21 and September 21 at the time of the two equinoxes.


As for every other day of the year, the Sun will not rise exactly East and will not set exactly West. The exact location where the Sun will rise and set will vary widely depending on the place. The arc between the sun motion at sunset and the True West is called Occasive Amplitude, and from my position is 59° 34′.


I created this interactive picture ( composed of many sunsets observed from the same position, from the Winter solstice to the Summer solstice.

By clicking on each Sun in the picture, you can access some information about every single sunset: weather data, mirages (if any), a video and the whole sequence of the sunset.

For each sunset I made 3 different shots from the same location:

– 1 shot at 18mm using a Nikon D 7100 Reflex

– the whole sequence at 215mm with a Canon SX 50 HS

– 1 video shot using a Sony Handicam


The weather data are provided by Civil Protection Weather Station at the port of Marina di Ragusa (Rg) – Sicily (Italy) .


I also entered 2 types of time and azimuth:

1) taking into account the depression of the horizon

2) taking into account the depression of the horizon and atmospheric refraction


The program I used (“Carte du Ciel) considers the time at sunset when the Sun is below the horizon.


Until the 26th of May the sunset was at the sea horizon.

From the 27th of May the sunset was above the coastline (Licata – Agrigento – Sicily).


My location:

Gatto Corvino – Marina di Ragusa (Rg) Sicily – Ita ( 36°48’47.5”N    14°33’55.9″E

Height: 178 m above s.l.






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