Multicolors flash and Superior Mirage

On the 24th april 2023, I witnessed a particular sunset from Pantelleria island:
1) a greenflash has formed where you can also see punctiform colors such as blue, yellow and red.

Andrew T. Young says: “These effects are always produced in sunsets with strong inversions, and that inversions
commonly have waves on them. So if there are two or more systems of waves on a given inversion, but traveling in different directions, it’s common to see the colors produced by one set of waves broken up by the superposed waves in other systems. Only a little modulation of one set of waves by another is enough to make these flickering and rapidly changing colors at the last moment, when only the edge of the Sun is visible as a thin, flattened line — or, often, two lines close together with changing colors.”

2) in the solar disk, a superior mirage was projected on the Tunisia mountains



Some data:

– Shooting location:

– Height: 775 meters (approximately)

– The sun set at about 7:54 pm at 286.9°
– From my position, at 286°.9, you can see the Tunisian mountains of Jebel Rheurmane located at a distance of 98 km.





Other Pictures:











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