Moon Trails Art of Sorting

Scatti di Luna in sequenza sommati tra loro con la separazione di un secondo creano questo effetto 3D che mette in rilievo mari e crateri lunari e gli stessi, donano le striature presenti in tutto il “Moon Trail”.

I wanted to experience a new image of the moon.

Shots of the Moon in sequence added together with the separation of a second. This creates a 3D effect that highlights the seas and lunar craters, creating the streaks you can see throughout this “Moon Trail”.

Waxing Gibbous

Location: Ragusa- Sicily . ITA

Day: 10 OCTOBER 2019

Shot: 180; 247mm; 1/80; f/6.5; ISO 100

Camera: Camera SX 60 HS




Crescent Moon:

Altro modo per creare questo effetto 3D è la lunga esposizione:

Even with a long exposure the same effect can be achieved. On this crescent moon I also superimposed the Eartshine Moon part.
Location: Ragusa- Sicily . ITA
Day: 16 December 2020
Shot: 1; 600mm; 230 sec; f/18; ISO 100
Camera: Nikon D7100
For Earthshain Moon:  2 sec; f/6,3; ISO 800






Di seguito alcune fasi della lunazione di Ottobre 2019:



Supermoon 13 July 2022


15 July 2022 Refraction and Scattering





16 July 2022


All Sequence


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